MEASURE 6.4 Renovation of tourist rooms


Support for investments in the establishment and development of non-agricultural activities

Inclusion in submeasure 6.4. – With support for investments in the establishment and development of non-agricultural activities, we carried out the renovation of accommodation units.

The vision of the Mulej tourist farm is to remain a high-quality boutique destination, where guests can admire domestic animals in the nearby pastures, and receive the highest quality services for pampering the mind and body at the farm itself.

The Mulej farm is one of the few farms in the wider area of the municipality of Bled, which, in addition to the basic agricultural activity and many other supplementary activities, also deal with tourism on the farm. The farm is one of the most advanced farms in the area, as we successfully follow global trends with the help of new ideas and investments.


We decided to invest in an additional offer at the tourist farm because we want to offer something more. We want to listen to current needs and demand. In the fast pace of life, more and more people are choosing peaceful locations for their vacations with an offer that calms and relaxes people. The decision was also influenced by the differentiation on the market of accommodation providers in the Bled area, where the number of private accommodations is constantly increasing. The aforementioned helped us decide to thoroughly renovate the existing facility with tourist rooms. The goal of the renovation is to offer guests high-quality, modern accommodation with a touch of homeliness, for which guests are willing to pay a slightly higher price.


Goals of the tourist farm Mulej:

  • to become a stable, successful, technologically modern and environmentally friendly business entity that will operate successfully on the Slovenian and foreign markets,
  • creating long-term competitive advantages over competitors on the market,
  • increase the number of domestic and foreign guests by modernizing the accommodation,
  • maintain competitiveness on the market and expand additional offers to guests,
  • keep the guest as long as possible in domestic tourism and in the local environment,
  • to increase the visibility of tourist activity,
  • maintain and upgrade cooperation with other tourism providers and suppliers at the local level,
  • maintain or increase the number of employees,
  • improving the efficiency of work allocation on the farm,
  • higher income,
  • increasing the added value of primary agricultural production,
  • increasing the share of home sales and thereby reducing logistics costs.